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Everyone and their mother (or should I say ‘bleedin’ all eh yiz an yizzer maaaas’) are watching Love/Hate at the moment on RTE1. And why wouldn’t we be, it’s only the best bit of Irish television ever. Yes, ever. No point trying to argue the case for Ros na Rún on my patch. Inspired by it, I decided to do a mini Monday post on the stuff I’m loving and hating en ce moment… Monday often brings up the life hater in me, so it’s easy to gather stuff for that side of things.


The M50
I know, I know. What do I expect. It’s well known for it’s crapness. But when I drive past the toll and my little tag chirps ‘beep’ and the confirmation reaches my tired little brain that I’ve just been CHARGED MONEY to sit in frustrated boredom for 90 minutes (resulting in my petrol tank going from full to perilously close to empty, my status going from Right On Time to Late For Work and my mood going from jubilant to JAYSIS CHRIST) I can’t quite conceal the rage.

The rain
We were pretty blessed with the summer we just had, let’s face it. There were a few weeks there where it was possible to plan an outing without too much of a worry that there’d be a snowstorm the day you intended to go to the zoo. But now it’s back. Like Arnold. Like Backstreet. Like Sexy. The rain makes wandering the streets of Dublin impossible, and does NOTHING for the frizzy haired among us.

My own impressive ability to procrastinate
I could find a way to put ANYTHING on the long finger. I’d put the bloomin’ long finger on the long finger I’m that good at it. This VERY post, as I write and breathe, is a vehicle for the most excellent and extreme procrastination you might ever witness. Herein lies a question – what’s the most absurd thing YOU’VE ever done to procrastinate? I once made tiny replicas of all the members of Steps with lollipop sticks and felt tip markers. Granted I was 12 at the time, but it was a spectacular effort.



It’s what inspired the post, it’d be remiss of me not to include it. Season three is going well so far. Fran is missing a tooth, Nidge is missing his ma and Tommy’s missing his marbles. Oh, and we’ve seen Tommy’s bum (and then there was a Facebook group made to honour that very moment). If Tom Vaughan Lawlor doesn’t receive an Emmy or an Oscar or the Nobel Prize this year I will be VERY displeased. Briefly, a selection of things we’ve all learned from Love/Hate so far;

  • It takes seven years to become a dentist. And Anne Marie didn’t f*ckin’ do that, did she? NO.
  • If you’re smuggling drugs on a ferry, pack a sex toy. The customs officials will be too flustered to do a thorough search.
  • Communion parties happen on a huge scale these days. There were zero bouncers at my house when I made mine.
  • One should never allow oneself to be lured away from safety by the notion of seeing some puppies.
  • When your dentist tries to talk you into crowns, it’s probably because he owes loads of money to a brothel and your teeth are probably graaaand.

That’s some of the main stuff, n’anyway.


Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 20.28.40If you haven’t been to Cheesecake Dublin on South William Street yet, I honestly won’t mind if you stop reading this post immediately to get the bus to town. Wait’n I tell ye. They have DIME cheesecake, YELLOW SNACK BAR cheesecake, BANOFFEE cheesecake, SALTED CARAMEL cheesecake. You name it, they’ve liquidised it and mixed it with cream cheese. It’s run by a lovely lady who makes all the cakes with love, too. Visit soon. Bring me back some if you do.

The following tunes:

Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake
Love Like This by Kodaline
Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz

This post on Buzzfeed

It basically shows every country in the world based on what they’re the world leaders in. I’m quite proud that Ireland shows up for Quality of Life. Unlike poor Spain who got Cocaine Use and the UK who, apparently, are world leaders in Fascist Movements. Hmmm. Here’s the full post, and here’s a section of the image for an idea:

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 20.34.16

Image via thedoghousediaries.com.

What are you loving and hating? Sure tell me if you have a minute.


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10 thoughts on “Lovin’/Hatin’

  1. shell says:

    I have never watched an episode of love/hate,I do have season 1 and 2 on dvd so im hoping to get watching soon ,hope to get to that cheesecake place soon though ,I love dime bars the only reason i go to ikea so i hope its good

  2. Aweeze says:

    I love your posts, They are always a good read and make me smile. Go Love/Hate !!

  3. Sandra says:

    Just this minute lovin’ this post….. came upon it through CheeseCake’s facebook page and also love love lovin’ CheeseCake after my work colleagues got me some for my birthday on Friday! Haven’t seen much of this season’s Love/Hate but did get to See Tommy’s bum!! :-)

  4. Yaz says:

    haha, this was brill! And no I’ve never been to this Cheesecake Dublin you talk of but Banoffee Cheesecake has me wanting to now!!! x

  5. Lorraine Haigney says:

    Dem cheesecakes! That’s my weekend sorted.

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